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The goal of the Football Project is to create a public repository of play-by-play data for all professional football games played since 1920. Towards that goal, the Project undertakes three major activities.  The first is to collect play-by-play accounts for these games; the second is to convert those accounts into a standard scoring format; and the third is to digitize that information to enable advanced statistical analysis. 

The results of this research have appeared in many publications, including Pro Football Weekly, the ESPN Pro Football Encyclopedia, and the annuals Pro Football Prospectus and Pro Football Forecast. It has also appeared online in dozens of locations.  

How You Can Help

We're looking for volunteers to help enter game data using our online play-by-play entry tool, or proof existing accounts versus published box scores. We're also looking for help with PHP/SQL programming to help develop some of the backend tools. If you are interested in joining or would like more information, please contact us


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